Stylishness that Saves 

To be the premier fashion brand of bags and accessories innovatively made from plant leather. 

Jacinto & Lirio will reorient the worldwide design and fashion industries to embrace the environmentally-friendly alternative with the innovative, eco-ethical plant leatherette, and to project an image synonymous to sophistication, and creativity while keeping at its heart the empowerment of Filipino ingenuity.

In pursuit of our vision, we aim:
To produce high‐quality, fashionable and eco‐ethical bags and accessories for stylish men and women,
To develop ethically‐produced plant leatherette,
To create products in collaboration with aspiring and established Filipino designers and innovators,
To grow with our shareholders and employees as a profitable and self‐sustaining company for the benefit of empowering marginalized communities in the Philippines with livelihood opportunities.

The Story Behind Jacinto&Lirio (Spanish for Hyacinth and Lily) Stylishness that Saves 

In the world's waterways dwells a simple aquatic plant, the water hyacinth.
In spite of its seemingly innocent exterior, the water hyacinth (often miscalled the more popularly known "water lily") is in fact a invasive species that clogs up waterways and creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes. But Jacinto & Lirio (Spanish for "Hyacinth & Lily") sees so much potential in the water hyacinth, aiming to create fashionable items out of this unique material. Owning a one-of-a-kind Jacinto & Lirio bag shows that you have embraced the eco-friendly alternative by combating the spread of the water hyacinth. You have also helped Jacinto & Lirio empower a community in Pampanga, Philippines and a special livelihood program of the Cora Cares Foundation, founded by the world-renowned designer Cora Jacobs.